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Dealing With Poor Air Quality On The Shop Floor? What To Do

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If you have some workers complaining about the air quality in your shop and you worry that ventilation may not be great or that air quality is a health risk, there are some things you'll want to do. There are a lot of things that you can easily do to improve the quality of air in the building and to make it more safe for your employees. Here are a few options you want to look into and get put in place right away.

Offer Face Masks

You should always have face masks available so the staff can put one on if the air gets too thick in the workspace or if the air is getting polluted with oils, fuel, and more. This way you can prove that you offered all your employees protection against inhaling things throughout the shop if they end up with any health issues later on. You can't be liable if the employees didn't choose to wear the masks that were offered. These can be disposable masks they toss each day or you can get each person their own personal mask.

Get an Air Cleaning System

Have a commercial air cleaning system installed in the shop to remove all the fumes, pollutants, and dust from the air in the space. This system purifies the air to remove things that are harmful and to remove allergy and asthma triggers. This can be attached to your HVAC system, or you can get a separate system installed out on the shop floor.

Improve Ventilation

You may want to add another vent going outside or find a way to have the HVAC professionals improve ventilation in the shop so air doesn't get trapped. Get an estimate to see if you can have another roofing vent installed or to have fans installed to circulate the air.

Since your shop workers aren't going to work as well when they are uncomfortable and can't breathe the air, it's important to make sure the air quality is suitable for their standards. Talk with the necessary contractors to ensure that all of the air in the shop is being circulated where it needs to go and is purified whenever possible, and offer your staff a covering for their face for more protection. All of these significant and affordable changes make a big impact when you want to change the quality of the air in the space.