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Tools That Will Save Electrical Contractors Time And Help Increase Profits

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Most electricians know how important it is to get each job done as quickly as possible. However, if you do not have the right tools for helping you work faster, you could end up spending far too much time on one job instead of being able to move quickly to the next. Successfully completing many jobs each day determines the amount of your paycheck each week. The fewer jobs you complete, the less money you will take home at the end of the week. Check out these tools that can help you save a great deal of time during your installations and repair jobs.

Using All-In-One Fishing And Measuring Tools To Save A Lot Of Time

When you are on the job and need to measure conduit for wiring is essential. You may still be using a fish tape through a conduit and taking the time to pull it back out so you can calculate its length using a measuring tape. This is a time consuming task when you consider how long it may take in some cases to fish a wire through a long stretch of conduit under a home that has little crawlspace. Save time by using a fish tape that measures as you put it through the first time around. Fish tapes that measure can be found in most hardware stores or specialty tool shops that sell wiring installation tools.

Making Panel Board Removal And Installation Faster And Easier

Because of OSHA's compliance rule about leaving the front of a panel box off while you are not working on it, you may spend a lot of time at one job taking a panel on and off. However, temporary panel covers are available for helping you avoid removing screws and putting them back in every time you have to walk away from a panel box. Most temporary panel covers are made out of heavy duty, lightweight material and are easy to maneuver on and off a panel box. Warning signs are placed on the front of the cover as well. Choosing to use a temporary panel box cover can not only save you a great deal of time, but it can also prevent you from being fined by OSHA from leaving a panel box uncovered.

Cutting Copper Tubing Does Not Have To Be Challenging

If you are still using a manual tool to cut copper tubing, you most likely know it can be time consuming. The time you might spend turning and turning a manual copper cutting tool could be spent finishing up the job faster. Instead, using a battery-operated copper tubing cutter is the best way to reduce the time it takes you to cut through copper tubing. Battery operated copper tubing cutters are also sold in most specialty tool shops and hardware stores.

By considering how you can save time on your jobs, you can look forward to saving a lot of money. Investing in time-saving tools is one of the best ways you can start.