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5 Car Cleaning Accessories To Purchase

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Keeping your car clean should definitely be high on you priority list since it not only keeps the value of your vehicle high but also ensures that your ride is comfortable for yourself and all your passengers. When it comes to keeping your car clean, you want to be sure that you are doing it efficiently. The best way to ensure this is to buy the right cleaning accessories for your vehicle. Here are five accessories you definitely need to achieve the best possible clean:  

  1. Microfibre Cloths: Instead of cotton cloths, microfibre is the best option because microfibre attracts dirt and debris allowing it to stick to the cloth instead of being rubbed back onto the vehicle's surface. Microfibre cloths are also gentle enough to not leave scratch marks on the surface of your vehicle. 
  2. A Cleaning Mitt: Instead of using a sponge when cleaning your car, a car cleaning mitt is definitely recommended because it fits on your hand, making it easier to reach all areas of the vehicle while cleaning. These mitts are designed to be long-lasting, as well unlike regular sponges which typically have to be discarded after one or two uses. 
  3. A Car Washing Solution: You should never use regular household cleaners when you wash your car. This is because the chemicals in these cleaners are not designed to work on vehicles and can ruin the paint on the exterior of your vehicle. Instead, always be sure that you are purchasing a washing solution specifically designed to be used on vehicles (from an outlet such as C & B Chemical, Inc). 
  4. Two Buckets: When you wash your vehicle, it's important that you are using two large buckets. One bucket will be filled with clean water while the other is filled with the car washing solution. This way, you can dip your car cleaning mitt into the clean water to wash off dirt and grime before dipping it into the cleaning solution. Keeping the cleaning solution as free from dirt build up as possible is important to ensure that you are not spreading dirt back onto your vehicle. 
  5. Car Wax: Car wax is something that many people skip out on when washing their vehicle. However, this is definitely the best way to ensure that your car is going to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. This is because car wax prevents dirt and grime from easily sticking to the surface. Besides, the wax will give your car a nice shine that makes it appear truly clean and beautiful. 

When you purchase these five car cleaning accessories for your vehicle, cleaning your car should be done as efficiently as possible.