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3 Tips To Improve The Quality Of Fountain Drinks At Your Restaurant

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If you serve fountain drinks at your restaurant, you probably like being able to make up tasty sodas for your customers on the fly. However, as you might have noticed if you are a soda drinker yourself, the drinks can sometimes taste better from some fountains than others. These are a few ways to ensure that your customers get the best quality when enjoying the drinks that you serve at your place of business.

1. Keep an Eye on CO2 and Beverage Syrup Levels

First of all, you will want to keep an eye on both the CO2 and beverage syrup levels in your restaurant. If one or the other starts to run out, you have to worry about your drinks not mixing properly. For example, a drink that does not have enough beverage syrup in it can be quite unpleasant to drink. It's also important to check expiration dates when checking these levels to ensure that you are serving fresh products.

2. Keep Your Machine Clean

Another thing that can drastically affect the taste of the drinks from your fountain drink machine is how clean your machine is. If you don't clean and soak your drink machine nozzles on a nightly basis, for example, you have to worry about old product accumulating on the nozzles and affecting the taste of each drink. You also have to keep your ice machine well-cleaned. Not only can focusing on cleanliness affect the taste of each beverage that is served in your restaurant, but it can also help with cleanliness and sanitation.

3. Serve Drinks Quickly

Many people prefer for their fountain drinks to be served with ice, but these drinks are best served and enjoyed as quickly as possible after they are prepared, before the ice starts to melt and dilute the drink. This means that you should encourage employees to only prepare drinks right before they take them out to customers and to move quickly when doing so. Along with enjoying a better-tasting drink, your customers are also sure to appreciate the faster, better service than what they might have experienced in other establishments.

As you can see, there are actually things that you can do to improve the quality of the fountain drinks that are served at your restaurant. Luckily, following these three tips and purchasing your beverage syrup from the right distributing company can actually make a big difference.

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